Sunday, September 14, 2008

the last Day of COMIC CON 2008...

Ok here is the last day...

Fedel and l were the only brave souls that decided to hit the show on the last day. we walked the floor...made some new friends...missed other friends...said 'hello' to a few fans, we made sure we got the WB bags that were the talk of the show. Last year it was the SMALLVILLE bag this year it was the ASTRO and STARWARS bag...l got both. l'm soooo lucky...oh, will they fit into my bag.

We make our way around to a few was amazing. We do what we can but we just run out of steam....we go back and get ready to hit the Cheesecake factory..but we had a few 'friends'' over when we got l stayed in my room where it is safe .

like l said married men should always be in bed by 11.

the night was pretty boring...until l decided to get something to eat. so fedel and l went looking for a place to eat...we drove around and realized SD is a sleepy town on a Sunday night. so we did the DENNY"s thing...l got some greasy thing that in hindsight was not smart considering l was about get on a plane....l had the gut-rot for a few hours.

the trip is coming to a was fun and very stop Toronto. l missed my family and it was time to head home...besides , l was hurting my back drawing on my bed....wait, that sounds wrong...but you know what l mean. l have a portable drawing table but it's to bulky to carry...l guess it's really not that portable.

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