Thursday, September 25, 2008

the pencils...

l was putting the finishing touches on my sketchbook...CANDI YAMS. l was going through the comic section and l realized how little comic work l put up after a book comes out. Today is a fun day..the issue is done and l am rolling on new covers..l got a few ideas and they will be interesting if l can pull it off.

here is the first 'POW' page in the CABLE KING SIZE ...l don't think the story telling is great but l learn more everyday. l would make the last two panels more reader 'friendly''...which is code for 'legible' .

more drawing to come...l draw every day...l am always inspired..


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

I love this page layout. I dont recall seeing it done this way before. It new to me anyways.

By the way I wanted to ask which album(s) your music is from on the Blog here. Its got that old school sound but some of the beats seem to modern as well.

ken lashley said...

the layout is something l decided to take some chances with...l sometimes break out the box . l try things...sometimes it sucks other times it ok ...but every so often l hit gold.

the music is a compilation of music from old joints from music connection ..( he is all about the music). l will send you the albums once l figure it all out.



DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Thanks man, that would be great. :D