Sunday, October 12, 2008

happy thanksgiving...Canadian Style.

hello all ,
Well its turkey time in Canada...l am thankful for a ton of family is front and center. My three girls are great..l love them.

my work is amazing....and speaking of work l am thankful that l now work with people that i respect as well as respect me. l can tell you enough how thankful l am for that.

Turkey sandwiches....gods food.


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

My day has been a write off for getting any work done. Im so Full!!!

I'm Thankful for much as well. One of many would be your blog. Such positivity in your words and views. An aspect I try my best to surround myself with.
Thank Bro

ken lashley said...

thanks d,

thanks for the very kind words...

l have guys like you to thank for helping me remember that we are a community ....l haven't had this much fun in guys keep it fresh for me.