Saturday, October 11, 2008

Updates..the crazies begin.

yes..l did that..the package art is done by me and MCGEE..sweet.

and this..



the turn....

hello all,

The past week has been a very crazy time in my life....l have had some very crazy jobs and have always been very lucky with my how my work is perceived . this week has changed my life ...l saw the new versions of my creation that the people at Silverbirch are doing . l saw the walk cycles...weapons...level bosses ....theme is nuts to see a drawing come together as a video game.

l also saw the inks by Paul Neary on my latest book at Marvel..the arch l'm doing is relaunching a very popular title in the Marvel universe. l have waited a long time to roll on a project like this. l have seen a ton of people work on my stuff and it's a real pleasure to see someone with that much talent touch my stuff.

l am designing a feature film with VelvetElvis and they are amazing people and EXTREMELY talented...the idea is wicked and l am getting to do design work that most of us would kill for...voice work by some of todays biggest talents. i will be making a trip to Australia to visit the production and the producer....Gopi is a gas.( l will be visiting my buddy who just moved there..)

l will be knee deep in my Mattel work....l can't say anymore ....but it is fun....and crazy cool.

The Hasbro train in much stuff so little time...

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