Friday, October 10, 2008

Starwars...transformers baby...


l have been rolling with HASBRO for a long time now and l have been doing a ton of pencils for colorist that can do the deed. l was asked to provide pencils for the Starwars Transformers was a blast. l did a ton...l love doing work on the Starwars brand. l love what l do...the best one was....well they were all great...l think l did about 25 of them...the even feature my pencils on the back of the is good.

ohhhh, l also did the Spiderman and Hulk line....check the upcoming updates..

don't talk about it and show it ...if you can't show ...we know you didn't do. it...


GRODZ! said...

Right On Bro.

ken lashley said...

thanks baby..l'll hit you soon.