Wednesday, January 21, 2009

History for the 44th

let me say that although we are talking about art, comics, games and other things we enjoy there is a world about to undergo a huge change.

America surprised me....but than again why should l be surprised, l am a black man who has done work for everyone you can think of. l think what l'm saying is that although l am a fairly talented artist, my ethnicity is not front and center when l send in my portfolio. l get judged on the merit of my work and my reputation. l have always been able to get the things l strived for..maybe not when l wanted it but never the less it came.

History is what happened yesterday...l spent the day drawing and watching the countless stories about the 44th President. the stories were new...interesting and passionate.

l dream of my own stories getting to the world....l dream of a ton of things that were not possible 45 years ago. l grew up in a time where l could pretty much do anything l choose. my children will not have to consider those issues...they can dream freely.

my parents told me about the's my job is to let my children know where they came from.

my story is not done yet...l have things to do and places to go...lets dream and better yet....lets roll.

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