Wednesday, January 14, 2009 looks pretty good..Go Black Panther...

black panther video.


Kung Fu Pimp said...

Yeah, it does. It's gotta be pretty exciting seeing that. I can't wait to see the book itself.

I just read Black Panther Annual. It was so good I had to look up contact info on the creators involved.

I hadn't seen Stroman's art in a minute, so it was REALLY good seeing it again. Took me back in some ways too. Always good to see Larry's stuff.

Now, I gotta say that your work was pretty damned impressive. It's amazing that I hadn't seen any of it before. Then after finishing the issue, it dawned on me that chu were gonna be handlin' the art chores on the BP relaunch and I actually did a 'fist pump.'

You know, fist clenched, arm curled at a 90-degree angle. Yeah, like that. Haha!

[Shrug] What can I say? Black Panther deserves a first rate artist, and to actually get a brotha puttin' in work? Sheeeeeeit. First Obama and now this! Hahaha.

Do your thing, man. I'm proud to see it.


ken lashley said...

Thanks you make me feel good.

the kind words mean alot too me..l have been rolling on this project for months and it great for the public to see what we got has been a very long ride for me...l have had some very high profile gigs and the always seemed to turn out great but this gig turning out to be one of the best books l have ever worked on.

l hope you will like what we do...and to be honest...the books get better as you go along....

peace...lets roll...


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Awesome Ken!
Your Rocking this title. Stellar work man.

I gotta go back a page and watch that dude play the drums again, haha