Monday, January 12, 2009

My Disney world....

life is funny....ok here is my funny Disney story..

We just spent a full day at the park...MGM..or hollywood studios as it is called now...l was there with my wife ,two kids...niece...nephew ..and my sister in-law and my inlaws....all 9 of us.

Here is the funny part, my sister in-law is in a wheelchair and she gets extra care when we go anywhere...we get on buses first and all that good stuff. ...but on this particular ride we got a very special treat. the bus driver puts her on first and said that her family can come with her if we would like.... so we all decided to get on...the bus driver puts up his hands when l got close and repeated that this was for her 'family'....did l mention that l'm a different color than my wifes family? if not...l am.

he looked right at me...l promptly told him l was 'family....' l also said ' dude, it's ok..l married into this family...l'm good''...the bus erupted in laughter.....he smiled that nervous smile and went back to his seat.

l guess l should have been more nice....but hey, it was a long day and l was having a bit of fun...hahahaha....

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Darkartist said...

LoL But of Course Brother, some things never change man Lmao!!!!!! At least you kept your spirit up and sense of humor :)