Thursday, March 19, 2009

Artshow...Ledkilla style.

hello All,

l was recently asked to showcase some of my work at the Obamanation show at the Beaver Hall in was a fun time and l met up with some amazingly talented people..the Tone Mason's are my new fav the beats bro and we will be rolling soon.

l did a few custom Skateboards and l love the vibe...more to come on that front soon.

l am rolling to SD this a place to stay on the a few people staying with will be fun.

l guess this year is starting out right...l have never had so much fun.

Fedel is cooking this year...yeah, you haven't cooked in two years....saving pancakes from being burnt is not cooking.hahaaha.


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Awesome board sketches Ken.
Is that a white out pen you used on the board? How does it take to the surface. Buddy of mine asked me to do Venom on his board. :D

tenshi said...

Sweet! The boards look nice! I can't wait to pop over this summer too!

How long did it take to do the boards by the way?

ken lashley said...

the white out pen works have to prime it but it works well...l used a paint maker for the bigger looks really sick in photos.....try it...

the boards took about half an hour... l know you?

Eugene McDermott said...

Wow!! Always amazing stuff big man. I imagine that any teenager that got a board like that, would totally lose their minds!!


babybro said...

LOL, Sorry, forgot people wouldn't recognize me under this handle. I have two google mail accounts so sometimes I am posted under this one. Anyway, I'm Jeff from facebook, the dude that wanted to become a comic book artist and got harassed by the cop.

erica said...

Incredible and creative work, Ken!

I'm enjoying your work on Black Panther!!

Best to you!!!