Thursday, March 5, 2009

Black Panther number 2...sells out in 24 hours...

hell all,
well it happened again...a sellout. The numbers were great and the book is selling out to fans that didn't pick up the Panther before this series. l am stoked to be rolling on this's a blast to work on some amazing scripts....too work with a talented team doesn't hurt. l have been doing some fun work....drawing some kick arse action....more panthers than l can shake a stick rocks too draw this book...l have never had this much fun...and l think it shows.



V said...

Hi K! amazing artwork! I think marvel guys had the big deal hiring you.go on this way man,your stuff rocks! ;) V

Kung Fu Pimp said...

Yo, lookin' forward to issue two, which should be in the mail soon. Issue one definitely delivered on its promise, bro. Word that.

Oh yeah, and lemme pass you a link that I ran across today. Some CLASSIC hip hop mixed by Jam Master Jay. I'm sharin' this one with everyone I think can appreciate it.