Sunday, November 30, 2008

more pencil work ...old but not too bad.

l was looking at my older files as l get ready to move to my new Mac... l found these older DC pages...l'm proud of these but my new Black Panther stuff is soooo much stronger...l think it's because the writing is stronger. Maybe I'm better...who knows...enjoy.

' popcorn is not a meal....'hahahaha


BROCASSO said...


GRODZ! said...

Your just gonna make me work that much Harder on Sampling. Thats CooL am on my Grind. See you in NY. Till then

Peace Bro ! ! !

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

I just got a new imac last week. I enjoy them a bit more.
Your older pages are still rad man. There so full of content and detail.

ken lashley said...

thanks..l think l over draw a bit but l like the finish pages..sometimes.

Black Panther is looking best work of my career.