Saturday, November 1, 2008

NEW Black Panther series

well some of you have already sent me emails guessing at what l was doing next and l am amazed at how right most of you were....l guess you guys are tapped in better than l am hahaha..

l have been given the chance to reinvent the Black Panther franchise...l bought the comic series when l was a kid and although the subject matter was beyond my understanding l loved the visuals. l hope to continue that with this new Black Panther series.

when l was first approached to do the series back in spring it was exciting for me and l jumped at the chance to do it...working with Reggie...and Axel ...come on people..lets be serious , who wouldn't do it.

l'm on issue 3 now so let me tell you is a blast to draw....l will be posting pages and cover sketches that l did. l can't wait to show the images...stay tuned.


BROCASSO said...

love it...
More heat please!!!

Ryan said...

Congrats man...I should've guessed it given all the buzz around SD with you, Reggie, BET. Meh, SD newb.

Waiting to see all the Avengers!

Eugene McDermott said...

Out standing work! Always an inspiration!!
I've got to go grab an issue to see more Ken magic!!

Cheers man