Monday, November 24, 2008

my doodles eye

drawing...l love the red .

last night was killer...l went to meet up with with a very famous Mo Cap studio...they do Video games and tons of movies that l love , they showed me the studio and l was so impressed...and the let me jump around in the wire room..hey , if you can fight jet Lee in a movie you get my vote as a badass. he is a great guy as well as a talented man...Mike , l owe you one.

it's good to see the facility where the magic they will be doing magic on my ideas...l can't wait.

Draxhall movies...hey, l got big dreams.


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Nice sketches man. Its a diffrent style than most of the Work on here. They have a cool mix of Bruce Tim and Robin Mitchel.
Ive never done any Mo Cap but I concider myself to be very lucky getting to work with other animators on a daily basis.
Take Care man.

ken lashley said...

cool bro...what are you working on? l have been very blessed to have great people around me who always keep the big picture in mind....mocap is wicked and it is through all the hard work by a bunch of crazy draxaholics...l may be making a VERY amazing announcement real soon.

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Im a 3D Animator by day. My true love is drawing and painting, but it fills the desire to be creative on a daily basis. Eventually I'll show my work to the right person and step further into what I love.
I work on a show that airs on APTN called Raven Tales.
I don't really consider it work. Only when due dates roll around haha.
I quick google search of New Machine Studios or Raven Tales should gave you an idea of what we do, if your curious.

Looking forward to this announcement.
All the best Ken

Jamal O said...

Whats up dude?


Your work is fantastik!
Great line work.



ken lashley said...

thanks baby...just trying to keep up with you young guys....peace.

ken lashley said...

yo dan...l checked you show. l will keep an eye out for it..l haven't seen the show here but l love the web stuff.