Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 3..the arrival.

ok the trip had its ups and downs...well mainly through Denver. but l could see the light at the end of the tunnel...the problem is that the light was a smoldering desert l'm not the sensitive type but l was a bit taken back at how VAST the desert is..l decided to drive with the windows open so as not to tax the the engine..( the light would still come on an off and the horsepower was weaker but it wasn't to bad).

we made great time all day and the GPS was the all things l hit the heat with all the brains of a flea..l was in the desert at water and a car on the blink...l never do things the easy way. l decided to go as far as l could before putting on the AC...people would pass me and stare...l made it 4 hours before it was just to hot to continue...l saved a ton of gas and made great time because we only stopped once for gas before Vegas. now most people would assume l stopped in Vegas but l was already late for my own house and l needed to get there ASAP...l felt as if l was wasting time if l was not driving...silly but true.

we blew past Las Vegas...and headed towards LA ...l could almost see the we kept rolling....and a few hours later we were in San Diego...l called the housemates and we were cruising....we made our way up to the house and we parked the van in a garage bulit for a bike...but hey, l'm here so l'm not complaining.

the first to greet us were C-unit and V-boss...they happen to be coming from the liquor store..( which is also the convenience store). l checked out the house...beach front..ahhhh not quite but still very nice. the TV had 12 very unAMERICAN....but l'll live...also it was 23 inches...l didn't think they still made that size?.

so we arrived..ALIVE...48 hours after we started...4112 km....a 37 hour drive...not bad for one guy and a navigator...

next day we get our badges....and the Con much fun to be had.

Anna Torv....l love her......l must meet her, that was my mission.

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