Monday, August 3, 2009

San Diego 1. is the silliest thing l have ever done. l decided to drive to San Diego most of you would say that was 'CRAZY' but l am preparing for a big adventure that will involve me driving to SD next year. l was doing a bit of research on how long it will take...if one guy could do it...if it was nuts to try. In the end it was not that bad.

here is how it car was primed and ready to go...l had all the name we had it. my wife made us a ton of sandwiches ..we had fruit,water, granola beef jerky.

fedel was ready to roll....his laptop was primed...lets roll.

so l decided to leave on the Sunday because my daughters birthday was on the Saturday...well that went from early Sunday to late Sunday. 5pm was when we were ready to roll. l started out...the GPS was humming and we made amazing time before it got dark . we hit a truck stop just outside of Indiana . we decided not to get a hotel but to crash at a rest area...that saved us time..we slept for 3 hours and then we were off again.

so day one was just a funny mix of driving and laughing. the next day was funny as hell...stay tuned. Monday is scary...

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DAN-VAN-COOL said...

:D Until next episode.
Glad you hear you had a blast. You always seem to do it up right.