Saturday, August 1, 2009

SD Con..WOW.

Well time to talk SD are some images for the floor and the Black Panel...l will post tonight on how the week went and who l met and how my life will never be the same...A big gig at Mattel...more Hasbro AMAZING gig at Marvel. and l may be rolling to NY to work with some very talented people ...l met up with some talented people...Kevin is great...he spent some time with us at the house.

more to come...l got over 1200 pics from the rip...oh did l tell you we drove ...THAT WAS NUTS...oh l saw the actress from FRINGE...she is soooooo hot...makes me think of someone l know.



Ross said...

Good to see you smiling, Ken.:) Looking forward to the rest of the recap of the trip.:)

BabyBro said...

Ah man, I was looking for you at comic con and they told me you were 't going to be there, and than suddenly I get a word from my friend that you were at a signing booth and I was so mad lol. When she told me about it, it was already too late as it was already 5:00. That was perhaps one of the only blunders out of a great experience. Hopefully we can meet next year.