Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Week that was ...SD CON 2008. the details....sorta. the crew went to the biggest comic con in North america...132,000 strong.

here is the low down on the week long adventure that is now called '' dudes, comics and hot tubs ohh my''.

Day 1

- We flew in on Monday , Baiden and l came in first with the rest of the crew coming in during the week. We did the usual stuff...talked to complete strangers made friends with a lady that talked to me for the whole trip while Baiden pretended to be asleep...(nice try buddy). She was so funny and l hope she realizes that her stories will make it into a comic so day...the material was just so good.

got our car rental ...yes, we got a mini van...l asked for a Escalade but with the gas prices l thought it would make more sense to drive a people mover than a ozone killer. ( besides it was half the price).

we hit the was amazing...pools..2 Jacuzzi's....but the weather was not cooperating it was cold as hell..( wait that makes no sense). l couldn't believe how cold it was...l was wearing a sweatshirt all night. we went out to the grocery store... bought a few things than came back to figure out how the remotes worked ...l love American many choices.

we ate a stupid sandwhich...HUGE. we hit the sack...Baiden's room was cool but looked like a shoebox compared to mine...haha..beyatch...we had a long drive to MATTEL the next would be a 3 hr drive. and we were picking up two members of the crew at LAX...did you know it is cheaper to fly to LAX than SD...go figure.

l think l sent a few minutes drawing....hey what can l say, l was inspired.

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