Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My phone blew l'm on to an iphone.

so yesterday my phone made a funny noise blew up. so l took it to get looks as if it will have to join the drawer of the retired cell phones l already have.

l guess l will get an iphone...problem is...l will be phoneless for a few is odd ...and strangely quiet.

also my home phone is going the way, don't get an internet phone as your main phone...power surge killed my box. repair guy coming l have no's awesome....wait..l think my phone is ringing....darn, it was good while it lasted.

j...l'm still here.


END said...

LOL! I wanna blow my phone up too to get an Iphone...;) Great idea.
Dude I just linked you up to my blog.

Keep on killin it man - we watchin!!!
That new Circuit joint is straight madness!

ken lashley said...

thanks END, l did not blow up my own phone...that would be wrong, hahaha.

thanks for the love...l really like the came out pretty cool but the colorist gave it pure love.

thanks for the link..l'll link you back.