Friday, August 8, 2008

well the Clone wars is around the corner and because l do some work with Lucasfilm and Hasbro , l have been interviewed for the CLONE WARS SPECIAL that airs on SPACE at 7:30pm August 8th 2008....l did my best to not embarass myself but l don't think it went well..hahahaha.

Natasha was great...l was so-so...but l was told that my best moments made the final cut....l guess l'm not so bad in front of the camera. l am pushing for my own show on space....l think l could do it...l'll call it ....ahh.....mhhh....geez l guess l should think of something clever. l'll let you know.

Draxhall is doing some fun stuff as well...we are creating an element for a new set for will be great and fun to have our artwork on Space every week.lets roll......stay tuned

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