Thursday, August 14, 2008

SD part 4...the drawing gets good.

ok here is the skinny...

the day starts out like all the amazing breakfast...thanks Steve. l get ready and realize that some people are not ready to go or will hit the show later....l have a few people l want to see...Axel is on the top of the list as well as Mich and Dav. l am also meeting up with some artist buddies that l don't see very often. Soooooo....l get my starwars shirt on and head out...but as we were getting ready l decided that maybe l won't go today...Baiden laughed and we went shopping. We hit the beach..the main strip and had fun. it was the first time l have ever hit the beach in was crazy good.

now most of you would think that if you go to SD that the con is the first thing to see...but because l go every year it can be a bit overwhelming, so pacing yourself is key. l decided to do the show early the next turned out to be a smart move because l got a phone call from my cousin and he said was driving down from Palm Springs to meet up .l haven't seen him in months and it's great that he decided to make a trip to see me. l had time to plan the a few here is somefuuny stuff. l get a call from a buddie who needed me to hook her up with a contact from l usually don't like to get involved and to be honest l wouldn't have done it if it wasn't her. l did it...her company owes me a fridge....hahaaha..inside joke.

the day was fun but not a crazy full day...the mayhem begins l drew all night...l was using some source for was a older reference that l use from time to time and these images are always in my mind....l drew....and drew somemore...l realized it was late.....drew some more ....buddy, l drew a ton on this trip.

l get ready for the mayhem...Friday is next....dude, it was crazy..CRAZY CRAZYYYYY....

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