Thursday, August 7, 2008

Comic con trip day 2 is the low down on day's not pretty but was funny.

We get up feeling good and ready to get rolling to Mattel. GPS is humming and we had the breakfast of champions.... cereal. We hit the road and Baiden decided to drive...( nice guy )...we cruised the San Diego PKWY and took some very blurry shots of some very cool buildings and other things that really looked better in real life.

2 hours later and some very fast driving we arrived at the MATTEL design offices....we got the grand tour from my old friend DV . he is such a pimp...having the hairdo and the car makes him the mac daddy of toys ( l thought l was bad).

we saw some killer new stuff...Jim lee's universe toys...Action man....the work l did looked better after the did some presentation boards...some custom painted toys for the show done by the MATTEL artist....batman....other crazy stuff....they grow was wild.

a few hours later we came out ...had lunch...l had a Kobe beef was so driven around in the crushed by the Valet service guy. made some plans to meet up later.

two more guys were coming in today...and because we knew we were close to LAX they flew in to that airport. we picked them up....drove down Creenshaw....had dinner and l drove is where the fun begins.

l decided to drive back...why? because it was only fair. the problem is that l was dog tired and l was not in the mood to drive 2 hours home...but l did...with the aid of the window and everyone snoring l started to drive like only a Canadian can....l rubbed my head for good luck and drove so fast that when l hit the shoulder the vibration noise woke everyone...except Moore ...he looked awake but was sleeping.

l moved from lane to the sleep demon who was chasing me...and who had already consumed by was really bad because everyone was was dark and l was tired...l keep thinking ' man, l don't want to stop but l should...''..well before it got worse we arrived home. Mike and Moore loved the place and we hit the pool...just then..the doorbell rang...these woman walked in.....oh my...who are they....wait how do they know our names....hey?....oh my....nice dress....

l can't...what happens next is top secret.....

l won't tell you what happen next but needless to say...l went to bed because married men should be asleep at 11pm....regardless if the wife is there or not....saves on lawyer fees.

the night is young for some....but tomorrow fedel is coming in and the work begins...l'm so old .

the trip to SD has changed so much...l used to 'hotel' l 'house' it...l used to bring people who never really appreciated it now l don't....the trip is painless and fun.

tons of drawing that night....hey, l needed to relax.

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