Monday, August 25, 2008

Friday at The CON....San Diego not T.O. is the Friday scoop....the con was let me tell you..if you have never been then you are missing out on the best con experience in North America.

l know that Chicago is good and NY is cool but nothing is as good as SD...nothing. l hit all the booths...looked for my stuff...found some cool booths...Mattel , Hasbro, Marvel...Sci-Fi...these booths looked awesome. l got a ton a freebies...made it to artist alley and said 'hello' to my boys at Wildstorm...yep , those guys were mad cool...Carlos is a talented and funny guy. JJ Kirby, Matt B, R Friend and the rest were very cool to talk too. l know R F from way back and JJ and l have talked for years...he is so talented it makes me cry.

made my way to the Marvel booth...good to see some faces of names of guys l work with. l missed Nick L of the X-men dude....and besides he gave me my X-men Legacy work.the booth was nuts so we got thing about SD..if you stand still you will get over taken but the masses....just keep moving.

l saw RC ...he is rolling at his new job...saw some cool people...saw Axel..he is my editor on my new project...and some older ones as well.... we are a few months out before any announcements can be made...but it is a project l would kill for...l can't believe l got this gig. This is a top tier book with the writer that is so talented that l'm honored to be working with him.

Speaking of which...l met up with that writer on the Saturday...but that is for the Saturday (part 6 ) update.

the con had a ton of cool things to see..the OWL ship was was the Starwars pavilion.. David...hope to see you next time.

we headed back home after meeting up with tons of people..G Elliott was in town but stayed at some Fofo hotel...too unscale for us. G was coming in later than us and was going north for a few days after the con so he got a Hotel room...on a golf course...he is so upscale. l'll tell you more on my Saturday update...SM had a blast...his first Comic con...he was floored by the costumes.

we got back around 6....let the night begin...

the boys got ready to go out...Fedel and l did the RESPONSIBLE thing by going to bed early so we could hit a panel early Saturday before we met up with the was two panels that were going on at the same time so we would have to hustle.

we ordered pizza...hey, did you know that COSTCO in the states sells gas?...crazy but true....dirt cheap as well.

l went to bed early...but l did some hands are getting tired...wait that sounds wrong.

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